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Poster Education
BBEdit, Aestiva HTML/OS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
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Poster Education was purchased in 2002 by Performance Education. Though the web site I designed for Poster Education no longer exists, I mention it here because of it's extensive functionality. The site was a fully enabled and secure e-commerce site utilizing a database to store and display more than 2,000 products, store and process online orders for products, and provide back-end administration and customer support functions. The dynamic coding was written in Aestiva HTML/OS, a proprietary scripting and programming language providing typical cgi functionality. I now use php and mySQL as my code base, and like it a whole lot more. I enjoy designing and coding fully functional web sites to enhance and broaden the scope of business. This web site was doing about $5,000 a month with an average order size of $65 per order in the 2 years it was alive.